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Our country store offers Elk Meat, Antler, Velvet Antler pills
and Crafts along with some great recipes to follow.
Please call ahead for store hours and product availability.

Elk Meat

Elk meat is a delicious low-fat, low cholesterol alternative to beef and is vacuum packed for freshness. Most standard cuts of meat are available as well as an elk summer sausage and snack sticks in regular and habanero flavors. Elk Recipes

  • Snack Sticks $20.00/1 lb pkg
  • Indiv snack sticks $2.00 ea
  • Summer Sausage $15.00/stick
  • Hamburger (bulk) $9.00 lb
  • Hamburger (patties) $10.00 lb
  • Steak $22.50 lb
  • Tenderloins $30.00 lb
  • Roasts $12.50 lblb
  • Brats $12.50 lb
  • Jerky $8.00 pkg


Our antlers vary in size so you can find just the right one to display on your wall or mantle. Or use them to create your own crafts.

Elk Velvet

Elk velvet antler has been recognized in traditional Chinese Medicine for over 2000 years. Americans are also beginning to recognize the benefits of velvet antler as an effective anti-inflammatory agent and in providing increased stamina and energy and improved immune system. Research shows velvet antler is equally effective in providing the same benefits to our pets especially arthritic dogs. We offer velvet antler for human and animal consumption.


Handmade antler furnishings are available for your home decor.

Elk teeth, also known as Ivories, are set in attractive jewelry pieces to create rings, necklaces and earrings.

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