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Krause Elk Farm, eating grass

Welcome to Krause Elk Farm located in Southern Illinois!

Our family loves the rural life so to stay in touch with nature, the adventure to move to raising elk seemed to be a fascinating and educational one.  I was raised on the farm that has been in our family for more than 100 years, and we started out growing the usual crops and livestock that most farms had back then.

However, the challenge was to change to something new and profitable and still be on the farm in the 21st century.  I was introduced to elk by my older brother and shortly after created Krause Elk Farm.  Established in 1994, I started out by buying three young heifers and winning a 6 month old bull calf through a raffle sponsored by NAEBA (North American Elk Breeders Assn).  After winning the calf, I knew Krause Elk Farm was meant to be.

Today the herd consists of 40 - 55 bulls, over 35 breeding cows along with 20 - 30 calves each year all which live on 55 acres of fenced in ranch. Together we run the elk farm and educate the public about elk and their products by giving tours and hosting an open house.  ElkFest, our open house, is held once a year on the first full weekend in June.  And to this day, we are still learning about new products and avenues that the elk business has to offer.

Our family invites you to come learn more about these majestic animals. Take an educational and fun tour of our property and hear for yourself the familiar bulging sound of the Elk.  While here you can learn about all the benefits we get from these animals velvet antlers.  In addition to this, please also view the home décor, unique crafts, and more that we have in our country store.

A very warm welcome awaits you at Krause Elk Farm

- Dale, Pat, Nichole, Mike, Mason, Waylon, Taylor & Nick.


2021 ElkFest - Sat June 5, 9 am-8 pm and Sun June 6, 9 am-5 pm.  Find more details on our FaceBook page or Instagram as it gets closer.

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